2015/2016 Planning Innovation (UMinho) Stream

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  • Sérgio Gonçalves


    "Hi. How are you all? Time to share a video.

  • Mohamad Ali Mishly



    By | Mohamad Ali Mishly, Industrial & Systems Engineering at University of Minho (Braga, Portugal)

    Title | 12 Vital Factors You Should Consider to Constantly Drive the Development of Your SME"

  • Mohamad Ali Mishly



    By Mohamad Ali Mishly | Basic Sources of Knowledge for Better R&D Practices within SMEs"

  • David O'Sullivan


    "Goodbye! You all did exceptionally well in your projects. Big thanks to Fernando who kept everything running smoothly. Thank YOU for engaging with me online and in class and for your comments to Gabriele Frankl who hopes to publish her findings soon. It's clear from your responses that you all enjoyed the course but there is always plenty of room for improvement. Best wishes...David"

    • Ricardo Campos


      It's seems that your performance in those three days and the innovative way to keep us in touch throughout these days is consensual.
      Best wishes to all!

    • Shailendra Singh Tanwar


      Thank you, Professor David. I learnt  a lot of innovative things from your class and also thanks to Professor Fernand.. See you soon Sir..

    • Mohamad Ali Mishly


      I would rather say "keep in touch" instead of "Goodbye". :)
      Yes we have enjoyed the course :)

    • Maria Araujo


      Thanks Professor David! I really enjoy the Planning Innovation Course.It was very interesting and exceed my expectations!

      Best wishes to all :)

    • Sérgio Gonçalves


      Thank you a lot for what you have taught us! For me, the Planning Innovation was a very nice surprise, I wasn't expecting it to be so interesting!

      But... why a goodbye? Will we be unsubscribed from the platform soon?

    • Filipa Monteiro


      I won't say "See you soon" to Professor Fernando because, fortunately, I am  able to keep in close contact with him! ;)

    • Filipa Monteiro


      Thank you Professor David, you were exceptional! It is not easy to write an online course, without immediate interaction, and yet, be able to maintain students' interest. Those three days here at Guimarães were amazing. I do not like goodbyes, so I will just tell you "See you soon". And trully hope this would be true :)

      Best wishes professor!

  • Sanam Moghimi


    "Innovative app!! It is really the innovative one, based on the country and the "Police" authority there...

  • Iran Segundo


    "TED about my investigation subject: asphalt mixtures. This resercher studied 100% recycled asphalt in his PHD. This is the most recycled material in the world...


    • Sérgio Gonçalves


      Fantastic post! Something that I have already been thinking of: when we see many primary roads being repaved every couple of years, in a worldwide scale, that's really huge amounts of asphalt replaced. I didn't even knew it used to be recycled!
      Another very similar thing is tires recycling, I have heard asphalt properties are enhanced when mixed with some amount of rubber from tires. While searching online for that, I also found that synthetic playground floors are made of recycled tires:

  • Sérgio Gonçalves


    "January isn't over for a few minutes, so I guess this post still counts to my grade :P
    Today I went visiting IKEA, and thinking about innovation, specially the Unique Value Proposition, I had never realized that IKEA is probably one of the leaders of the world in the innovation process, I would say perhaps even more than Apple or Microsoft...
    The idea of placing things together with what goes along instead of the traditional sections of stuff makes perfect sense. Everything is thought, eg. they don't mix the odor candles with different smells because you cannot really see the difference.

    I would just like to share one funny commercial for what could be an IKEA innovation:

    • Sérgio Gonçalves


      Thank you Jivago, I didn't know about that app yet. More than interesting, it in fact is really useful!

    • Jivago Nunes


      Uau, this technology is amazing! :)
      Back to a more primitive technology, I don't know if everyone knows this IKEA app:

  • Mohamad Ali Mishly


    "It has been said: Creativity & Innovation..

    • Mohamad Ali Mishly


      :) :)

    • Sérgio Gonçalves


      «Don't forget to apply creativity and innovation in life ;)»

    • Jivago Nunes


      Short and simple! ;)