2013 Planning Innovation (Chemnitz) Stream

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    • Tobias Junge


      At first the fact that money does not support motivation to solve problems was surprising. However after a few minutes of thinking about it, the topic became more obvious. Its similar to duties and different kind of work people have to do. If they like the task, because of the attractive topic or the creativity they can use, problems are solved really fast. Topics people do not appreciate are normally delayed to a later date. Nice video!

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    • Tobias Junge


      Nice :)

  • David O'Sullivan


    Please don't forget to bring your laptops/tablets tomorrow.
    Regards, David"

  • David O'Sullivan


    "Apologies. We are unlucky with our video technology. Please begin working on your Project Plan for one of the projects you can identify from both of your Strategic Plans. We will focus on your Start-up Plan on Friday. Please meet with your new partner and agree a new business idea for the Start-up Plan and bring your idea to class on Friday.
    Look forward to seeing you on Friday.

    • David O'Sullivan


      Choose any project you wish and please try to compete all the lists. This is an academic exercise. Please practice these skills.
      Thanks for your comment Anna,



      Dear Prof.O'Sullivan,
      Do we have to choose one of the "Project Initiatives" of the Strategic Plan? And after that do we have to add some items for every list?
      Thank you and regards,

  • Flaviani Soares


    "There are a lot of interesting things about this video. A boy so young and so smart speaks about the nuclear fission to generate heat and electricity which is a kind of energy considerated more uncertain after what happened in Fukushima, in 2011. But, i would like to emphasize his innovation. He remade the nuclear reactor with more eficiency, more safe and with a atmospheric pressure. This reactor can help the climate changes and its refueling is after 30 years. There are a lot good inventions in the world but what become them in good creation depends of their competition power.  His idea is amazing but, i think he forgot the most important point about it. How much money will this invention cost? Can this invention compete with other energy sources?


    • David O'Sullivan



  • Aline Glöckner


    "Leaving a high-flying job in consulting, Angela Lee Duckworth took a job teaching math to seventh graders in a New York public school. She quickly realized that IQ wasn’t the only thing separating the successful students from those who struggled. Here, she explains her theory of “grit” as a predictor of success.




      After teaching math to seventh grades school, Angela L. D. decided to study psychology. Her team and she focused on cadets, students, teachers and salespeople and the result of this research about these very different contexts was the following: "grit is the most significant predictor of success". We need to have perseverance and passion for our goals, sticking with our future every day not just for a day, for a week, for a month or for an year, so tehat future becomes reality! I agree to her when she says that no one knows enough about grit and about how building it. I think this video could teach to parents and teachers that they should work together to make kids grittier. But how doing it? Besides I agree to her when she says that everyone should test his own ideas/intuitions because this is the right way to weigh them. If the result is a success we can be happy an proud of ourselves, but if it will be a failure we will start over again waiting for a success. Very challenging talk!

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  • Manuel Friedrich



    A really cool and innovative product!"

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  • David O'Sullivan


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