SC378 Industry Placements Stream

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  • Mariana Tilde


    "Hi, can anyone advise on best way to edit our smart phone video?"

    • Tom Bennett


      I use the editing software available within Youtube and Vimeo. Simply upload your phone video to your account and look for the editing features. Don;t forget to make your video available for public viewing before posting your link. Best of luck.

  • Joan  Hurley


    "Hi, as we agreed, can everyone upload a link to a video of your industry placement this Friday. Here is the sample project video that I mentioned:"

    • Joan  Hurley


      Ok. Upload your videos for next Monday

    • Oana Tocala


      Could we have until next Monday to complete our videos? This gives us the whole weekend to get it just right?

  • Joan  Hurley


    "Hi, I’ve popped the sample marking sheet into my Dropbox folder available in the ‘Handouts’ list. This will give you an idea of how I will be awarding marks for your projects based on the Assessment Criteria"

    • Joan  Hurley


      I always award marks to each individual based on your effort throughout your project.

    • Mariana Tilde


      Will we get individual marks or will you award marks to the team?