What is PBLearn?
PBLearn is a social learning environment where you and your students will enjoy collaborating together on project plans
What kind of Project Plans?
You can select templates of existing project plans or create your own for project plans, business plans, marketing plans, thesis plans, startup plans and many more.
How does it work?
You then create a class and add project templates. Next you invite your students to join and then assign them to individual or group projects. You can then monitor their progress and offer advice online.
How much does it cost?
PBLearn is free forever; as an instructor or student it will never cost you. However we do offer extended support packages for university wide licenses - please contact us at sales@pblearn.com if you are interested. As a non paying instructor or student support is available via email at support@pblearn.com.
What if I don't use Project Based Learning?
Project Based Learning significantly improves learning outcomes and improves student engagement in any class. PBLearn makes it simple for you to assign projects and start realising the enormous benefits of PBL.
Why is it called a SOCIAL learning environment?
Social software like Facebook is hugely popular for engaging students. Your students will enjoy engaging with your class and with their projects with PBLearn.
Is my data safe?
PBLearn is hosted in the lightning fast and ultra secure Microsoft Azure Cloud. All your data can also be exported instantly with one click of a button.
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